A Day of Praise and Thanksgiving

Aug 22, 2019


I give you thanks, O LORD, with all my heart”                                                                 Psalm 138:1

Today was truly a day of  praise and thanksgiving to our great God for His provision and faithfulness.

We spent the day in the villages following up on the Pig Project Co-op and the Bucket Drip Kit Project. God has truly blessed these two projects, and we give Him all praise, honor and glory for His blessings.

On our March trip to Malawi, 28 people were trained in Bucket Drip Irrigation, to be used at their homes, and today we have seen the fruits of this.

These small drip irrigation kits are yielding a bountiful harvest in the dry season! They are growing tomatoes, beans, squash, mustard and other vegetables including maize, which is not normally planted until the rainy season in December! The gardens are flourishing. In a year of the worst famine ever, God is providing bountiful crops in the dry season, because of irrigation. Praise Him!

The praise for these drip kits doesn’t end there…there are some in the villages who have seen what these drip kits produce, and even though they don’t have a drip kit, they have decided to plant their own garden in the dry season and water it by hand. Could it be that God is changing a culture of not planting crops in the dry season, as a result of the introduction of these drip kits? God is definitely at work!

Today we also visited the beneficiaries of the Pig Project Co-op, and once again we praise God. All but 2 of the pigs we visited, are now pregnant, and those 2 should be soon. Most will have their litter within the next 2 months, but Jonathan’s pig already produced the first litter.

The Pig Project Co-op is meant to bless the one who receives the pig, bless another as they give away one of the piglets from the first litter, and it is meant to produce income for Sharehope Foundation. 50% of the first litter is given to Sharehope Foundation, who will in turn sell the pigs for income. Each pig sold will yield income of $50 – $100 USD. This has the potential to produce a very sizable income for Sharehope Foundation. So we praise God for keeping the pigs healthy and for enabling them to become pregnant.

Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father. ”                                                      Matthew 5:16           

God is working in such a mighty way here and people in the villages are noticing. They are noticing what God is doing through Sharehope Foundation. They see God’s compassion, love and provision in what is happening here, and we believe there will be a great harvest of souls, as many are brought into the Kingdom of God!  Praise and thanksgiving for His faithfulness.






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