A Day of Work and Fellowship

As we drove on the roads today, we could see the people of Malawi preparing for the rainy season that will be upon them beginning December/January. Some were clearing their fields by burning them. Some were turning over the soil in their plots. Others were making mud bricks, in order to build a house or some other structure on their land. And today, it seemed like wherever we went, we heard kids yelling “mzungu, mzungu,” which means “white person.”  It was a day of work and fellowship.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” – Psalm 133:1

Unity definitely describes the Kambona and Msema churches. They are unified in their desire to make disciples, learn God’s Word, learn new ways of doing things, and to reach out into their villages with holistic type of ministries.

Today, unity was shown again as our brothers and sisters came together in Msema to install a Drip Irrigation plot like the one that was so successful in Kambona. In one day, they prepared the ground from scratch, installed the drip kit, planted the seed, built a fence and built a stand to hold the water tank! They remembered their training from Lilongwe University, and never even looked at the instructions. It was such a blessing to watch each person do their part, to make this a success.

The plot is roughly 24’x40′ and will grow maize, cabbage and mustard. It was installed right next to the Maize Mill and is completely visible for all to see, as they walk down the road daily.

Today there were many curious looks, trying to determine what was being built. There was a group of kids that remained to watch for most of the day. This plot will be a great witness to the hundreds of people that pass by daily, as to what is possible when irrigation is used. And it will also be a powerful witness to the mighty God we serve.

Our brothers and sisters were blessed today with being fed lunch. A goat was slaughtered and served with the usual nsima and relish.  All were full, and will sleep good tonight, after a very long and hard day of work. Before we left, we prayed over the plot and asked that God would bless it as He did the Kambona plot.

I will bless you…and you will be a blessing to others.” Genesis 12:2

This morning we visited a 3rd generation goat beneficiary, from the ongoing Goat Project. We were excited to see that her goat was pregnant with a 4th generation goat, which she will bless another person with. With the Goat Project, the beneficiary is given a female goat and then when it has its first offspring, they give it away to bless another person. What began with 76 goats 2 years ago, should increase to over 300 by the end of 2020. Hundreds of people freely blessing others, because they were first blessed.

Today we said goodbye to many of our brothers and sisters that we won’t see again before we leave on Sunday. We praise God for a wonderful day of  work and fellowship and for allowing the drip kit to be fully installed without any issues.



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