A Season of Waiting

The Bible tells us there is a time for every purpose under heaven. The trick is to live, trusting God and His purposes. Pat Cappiello, husband, father, grandfather, but most of all, Christ-follower, told me about his wife, Connie, and their long season of waiting.

For the past few years, Connie has lived in Edna Tina Wilson Living Center because her Parkinson’s disease requires a skilled care level. Pat never missed a day without loving and caring for Connie in every way he could at the Center. Then Covid hit with a vengeance, blocking access to his beloved.

Life takes us through various seasons. After the season passes, we look back and see something good. We should rejoice and be thankful for the season we are in, Pat said.

Daily, Pat circles the facility three times, all the while praising God and praying for Connie, other residents, and the staff. His daily faith walk blesses and strengthens everyone at Edna Tina, including his granddaughter, Faith, who is part of the recreation staff.

Then God granted Pat and Connie a short reprieve one of His disguised blessings. Connie developed problems with her blood pressure that required hospitalization. That occurred during the brief time Covid restrictions were loosened, and hospitals allowed visitors. Pat could be physically with his beloved for the first time since the pandemic started. He was there every minute he was allowed. What joy!
They talked, kissed, and he helped with her care. Then, all too suddenly the window closed, and Pat resumed his prayerful daily walk around Edna Tina.

Pat told me Connie ministers in her own way to those inside. Staff likes to be in her room. They feel God’s presence. She’s a blessing to many, with her soft voice, body language, and how she communicates with her eyes. And so, Connie serves others in her season.

In this Advent Season, this season of waiting on so many levels, Pat advises we should make the most of where we are.
He admits it is difficult being physically without Connie. I don’t feel spiritually alone, but I feel physically alone. With modern technology, and within Covid restrictions, Pat continues to engage in his small groups and to reach out to others in ministry as he walks the path God set for him.
It’s a calling. As I follow, I am strengthened and blessed.

Thank you Pat, for sharing and for loving so well that you inspire others to do the same.

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