Upcoming Events

GriefShare Support Group

May 18th – August 10th

It hurts to lose someone.  Find help at GriefShare.
GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. This 13 week group will meet at our Greece Campus.  You can join anytime as death happens, not on our schedule.  It’s God’s timing.  One week’s topic is not contingent on the last week’s, so we welcome new members at any time in the 13 weeks.

Parenting Class

Parenting Class - "Using Your God-Given Personality to Parent Together"

Two options to attend. Tuesday, August 23, 6-8:30 PM OR Wednesday, Aug 24, 9 AM -12 PM

Parenting can be tough. The approaches, perspectives, and solutions of each parent can be vastly different, which means the journey to a shared end-goal can be stressful. But since God made both parents the way He did for a reason, that means He made you parents together on purpose, to your specific children on purpose. We can learn how to use the best of our personalities to parent together, in harmony, and in a way that brings glory to God for your marriage, your family, and His kingdom. For more info, please contact Elisa at elisa.preston@gmail.com

Registration opens in June 2022.
Quilting for Hope

Quilting for Hope

Despite Covid, Quilting for Hope has completed approximately 30 small quilts that will be available to homeowners who participate in Flower City Work Camp ministry that unites Rochester-area churches to deliver a range of services into the City of Rochester. For more information on quilting for Hope please contact Pat Baker at 585- 225-1409.