Bearing Fruit

As we continue our current series, let’s hear from Dave and Ann who have found Hope to be the perfect place to bear fruit. 

For years, Dave and Ann D’Aurelio lived on the outskirts of Christianity, believing in God and knowing Jesus as His son. But no matter how often they went to church on Sunday, checking it off  their “to-do” list, they never grasped the magnificent role of Jesus.  

“We weren’t being fed,” Dave said. 

While Dave struggled with what he believed were extra-Biblical teachings, Ann experienced her own difficulties. She was employed by their church as business manager, but when the aspect of church business she managed closed, she lost her job.  Dave described that as a dark time, as they struggled with this and other issues. 

When Ann told Dave,  “I’m not mad at God. I want to go back to church, but I don’t want to go there,” Dave was overjoyed. “I thought, ‘Praise God!’ I’d been praying for something like that, “he said. 

In 2012, Hope Church headed the list of churches they planned to visit. 

“As it turned out, we didn’t go anywhere else. The first time we walked in, we felt so incredibly welcome, and we saw it was a very vibrant place. I was thrilled.” 

That Sunday, PK’s Biblically based sermon resonated with Dave. “I thought, this is a Bible teaching church.” 

About that time, Pastor Larry and Jill lead a marriage seminar. Dave described it as ‘incredible” and something that benefitted them greatly. 

Soon Dave and Ann immersed themselves in various ministries and small groups. Their faith walk grew. 

Dave said, “I’ve always believed in God and Jesus, but never felt I was growing any fruit, not putting anything forward.”

Well, he and Ann were bearing fruit now, doing ministry with joy.  

Dave said, “One day I found myself in the parking lot during food pantry distribution. I was praying with someone and sharing the Gospel.Wow! How did that happen? That’s what I had been missing.” 

Knowing more deeply Jesus’ role in her life transformed Ann as well.  

”Our life has so much more meaning now, and our relationship has been so much better.   “Looking back,” Dave added, “if I had to go through all this again, just for Ann to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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