Faith Filled Ideas For February Recess

It has been said that families who eat together, pray together and play together are stronger. But life has a funny way of continuing to move forward. Focusing on the family can make it easier to invest more time each week into devotions and more. As you raise your children, find the time to enjoy the journey with them. Here are a few activities to help you grow your children’s faith in fun and engaging ways.


Keep family devotions to a weekly event with this fun 52-week guide. Each of these contains faith-affirming biblical principles that will help you build lasting, thriving faith in God into your children; and nothing can beat that.


There are people doing good all around us. So, why not tell them and give them some appreciation? Here is your mission: Make your own “tickets” and bring them to church. Lookout and catch people in the act of doing good—maybe your pastor, teacher, a friend or the person who brings doughnuts. Then, fill in the tickets and give them to people in your church to let them know they’re appreciated.


It is never too early to get your kids talking about God and their faith. This great family activity allows all members to talk about God. Get (or make) your own box with cards that have questions, for example, “How do we know God exists?”… “Is Jesus really God’s Son?” or “Are all religions equally true?” Write some of the answers on the back and leave some open-ended with room to talk more about it with the kiddos.

With all these fun faith-filled ideas for February break, there are plenty of other ways to immerse your children in faith all year. At Hope Church, our youth program has something for everyone. Whether it’s tech, transitions, time or troubles, if you’re in 6th-12th grade, you are in a unique season of life at a crazy time in history. You need the stability of a God who knows all of the concerns of your hearts. Learn more about Hope Youth Roc now!

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