God Will Take Care of Us

hospitalSome days are better than others and then there comes a day that you’re not sure you’ll recover from. Troy, thank you for courageously sharing your story of hope and for reminding us that God will take care of us.

December 16 of 2016 is a date I am not sure I will ever forget and quite honestly, I’m not sure I ever want to. I owned a towing business and that night I was dispatched to a call for a car that had slipped off the highway. While performing my duties to get the car back on the road, another car lost control and not only hit the car I was getting back on the highway but hit me as well.

I was found face down in a ditch about 20 feet from where I was. I was not breathing. I also appeared to have a head injury. They performed a test to determine the extent of my brain injuries. The results of the test range anywhere from a score of 8 which is a normal brain all the way to a score of 2 which is a person who would be considered brain dead. My score was a 3. Let’s just say I was not doing too well.

By the grace of God I survived. I spent about 2 days on life support and the rest of December in the hospital recovering from many broken bones, a punctured lung, and a brain injury. My wife and 4 girls spent most of December visiting me and I am sure wondering, what life was going to be like going forward. Not only for me and how capable I would be but for our family.

There were many more questions than there were answers. I think at this point most people would say don’t worry, there’s insurance and you could always sue. I am here today to tell you it’s just not that easy. You see, the person who hit me was just barely insured and didn’t have a job or assets. So suing this individual would be done in vain. I did have insurance through the business so that will cover me, right? Again, not so much. There is a gray area in the law that “using” means “driving” not actually “using”. So basically, I was left needing to get better and not having any way to pay the bills.

To me, this is where the story gets interesting. You see, I was wracked with pain, physically and emotionally. I was filled with hatred, anxiety, with no sense of how to move forward. Though it’s painful to admit, I felt my own prejudice/racism toward the other driver boil up inside of me. In addition, I suffered and still suffer from PTSD and periodic migraines. I have neuropathy on my right side and definitely struggle some days trying to feel motivated or like a regular person. I also had survivors’ guilt. Had I just died, my life insurance would have paid all the debts we had and my family would not be in this situation.

However, in my darkest hours of despair and desperation is where the Holy Spirit grabbed me and began working on these things. Now, three years removed I am still unable to work. I lost the business. My family had to sell our house. Yet I can smile. I don’t feel the anger much anymore. My anxiety around driving and functioning as a normal person is diminishing. Why? Because in everything, I can see God’s hand working to bringing glory to Him. That is the reason I said in the beginning, that I am not sure I want to forget that date of December 16, 2016. That is the date that I learned a lesson that I was taught my entire life. God will take care of us.

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