Martella’s Hope Group

Charlie and Chris Martella will lead this mixed group through the book of Ephesians, using the Connect and Grow and the Engage and Grow as guides to their group discussion. Hope you can join!

Stoessel’s Hope Group

Our Hope Group meets in our home on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm. We discuss and study the previous week’s sermon, using the Connect and Grow as a launching pad for our discussion. We have plenty of room and would love for you to join our group. All are welcome to join.

Ledoux Hope Group

We are a Hope Group compromised of seniors. We meet in our handicapped accessible home the first and third Mondays of the month. We would love to have you join our group. We use the Connect and Grow to lead our discussion of the previous weeks’ sermon. Looking forward to meeting you!

Hurlbutt Hope Group

Please join Sue and Dave as they lead this Hope Group discussing the previous week’s sermon using the Connect and Grow.  They will meet in rotating group members’ homes.

Fred Grose’s Hope Group

Join Fred as he leads discussion on the previous week?s sermon.  Discussion will be guided by the Connect and Grow Discussion guide, located on the Groups page of the Hope website, and notes from your Engage and Grow Notebook.  The group will be meeting on Google Meet until it is possible to meet in person.  […]

Young Adults At Hope Group (YAAH)

Please consider joining our Hope Group! This group has been active for over a year now and we are looking to grow! We are full of young adults but are really open to grow in a variety of ways. Single, dating, married, does not matter all are welcome! My wife Alexandria and I may be […]