Hope at the Movies

We may have missed spring, but what a fabulous summer we have had!  Lots of sunshine, faith and fun as we have welcomed our friends to VBS.  In fact, we’d like to welcome you as well.   We just kicked off a new series called, Hope at the Movies.  We’re looking at some of your favorites and discovering deeper truths that apply to you and basically anyone you could ever meet.

The truth is that God speaks to us in a number of ways and through a number of people.   We just need to slow down long enough to recognize the opportunities to connect.   Easier said than done.  In the hustle bustle that is summer “doing” is more common than just “being”.  With that reality in mind, we have created an opportunity for you to just come, sit back and relax, and hopefully encounter God at the movies!

Lego Movie 2

Our first adventure was with Emmet from Lego Movie 2.  We discovered, much like Emmet, that each of us is “incalcuably unique.”  If you missed us, no worries, you can listen online.

Toy Story

“To infinity and beyond.”  Yes, that’s where we’re headed.  We’ll learn a lot from our friend, Buzz Lightyear.  When faced with a new reality, he struggles to understand.  We may find ourselves in the same place he did and in need of someone to listen.

The Lion King

In our last adventure of the Hope at the Movies series, we’ll meet up with Mufasa.  (If you’ve come for VBS, you may have seen him in the lobby!  If you haven’t come for VBS, there’s still time to register!)   What does our own past teach us?  Do we have a ‘Rafiki” in our lives, who can speak the truth to us.

Grab a friend and find a time that fits.   We’d love to see you at “Hope at the Movies.”