Hope’s Malawi Partnership Bears Much Fruit

In just under two years, Hope’s Malawi partnership with two churches and fourteen villages in Malawi has born fruit. Bill Marsaw said when he first went to Malawi, he thought Hope’s ministry would be just with the Kambona and Msema Churches, but God said, “No, I’m not talking about two churches, I’m talking about 14 villages; those 14 villages funnel into those two churches.”

The churches formed a leadership team, Share Hope Foundation, whose vision is to “build resilience and create self-sustainability to the community.” They have created 10 pillars to achieve this goal, some of which are discipleship, health and hygiene, community development,
agricultural training, and small business training.

“They have this name: Share Hope Foundation. People will know it’s the Lord who is providing so that’s a great witness,” Bill said.

Hope Church purchased Bibles for their discipleship. Providing agricultural training in drip irrigation has the potential to improve health, community development, and small business skills.

In Malawi, if there is no rain, there are no crops, and people do not eat. With Hope’s support, one person from each village, and the Share Hope Foundation leadership, attended drip irrigation training in the capital, Lilongwe. Their first efforts produced an amazing early harvest of maize. Not only were they able to feed their people, but there was enough left to sell. When Bill, Mike Yeager, and Kevin Kimble visited recently, Share Hope Foundation purchased and planted semi-mature tomato plantings that will ripen in July when tomatoes are scarce, which will be a blessing to the people.

Besides selling produce, establishing a piggery will have the potential to generate more income. The first time the pigs give birth, 50% goes back to Share Hope Foundation, which can sell them for as much as $50 per pig. After giving another pig away to bless someone else, they keep the remaining piglets.

With the village of Msema obtaining electrical power and funding from the Hope Church Malawi Partnership, Share Hope Foundation built a mill to grind maize. Previously, people had to walk two or more hours to get their maize ground. Now, in addition to the convenience, the mill will provide income and employ three people.

The Maize Mill and Piggery could potentially generate $20,000 in the first year in an area where the average yearly income is $200.

Bill said, “I just want everyone to understand how important this partnership is to the people of Malawi. They don’t take it for granted. They pray for us every day.”

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