Introducing Hope 2020 Vision Capital Campaign


It’s Pastor Kirk. I’d like to communicate with you on a regular basis to give you updates on Hope 2020 Vision, progress on various ministry initiatives, as well as what might be happening in the future around Hope.  My purpose is intentional: first, I want you to feel connected and informed about what is happening and second, knowing what’s happening will allow you to pray more specifically on how you can be involved and for God’s blessings on our ministry endeavors.  As we prayerfully consider, consult and discuss with the leaders and people of Hope, we pray that these  Hope 2020 Vision thoughts will launch into directions and then actions, to achieve our God-given goals.

What will  Hope 2020 vision look like? How will we get there? These are some of the key points we’ll be communicating, through emails, Life Groups, Social Media, print, targeted discussions and a new initiative called Q and A with PK. (The first Sunday of every month after the 11:15 service.)

What will it be like to impact Eternity together in 2020?

We’re still in the praying, brainstorming and discussion phase of the vision, which is exactly where we want you to join us, pray with us and boldly imagine with us.
In order to take the next BOLD  step in the direction we believe that the Holy Spirit is leading us in, we will need a Capital Campaign to raise the funds beyond our ongoing budget. In December, at Hope’s annual Voter’s Meeting, the congregation voted to contract with INJOY Stewardship Solutions to help shepherd a Capital Campaign in the Fall of 2016.
Why do a Capital Campaign? There are many reasons but let me share with you just three:
  1. When done right, it always grows our faith in God, because we are stepping out in faith and trusting Him to do something so much bigger than ourselves.
  2. Prayerfully, God will use the extra funds to expand ministries, touch lives, and make heaven more crowded.
  3. We can experience deeper joy and the power of “doing it together” as we all rally behind a unified mission and purpose.
We are blessed to have a Campaign Leadership Team made up of Bill & Amy Steinmetz, Mark & Mindy Erbelding, Sharon Kunkel, Ann Marie Pavone, Tom & Linda Cribbs, Mark & Bev Janosky, Nate Jones and Roger Dahl. This team will continue to expand in the next couple months.  Please keep the team, the whole process, our Hope 2020 Vision in your prayers, so that God will be glorified, the Kingdom expanded and heaven more crowded.  I look forward to talking with you soon.
To God be the Glory,