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You may have heard the stereotype that Christians are a gullible, group-think culture who just drink in whatever is told to them without digging deep and asking the hard questions. Join us for a candid conversation that explores science, the Bible, the Resurrection, and morality.

June 6th | “Science Explains Everything (So We Don’t Need God)”

June 13th | “The Resurrection is Just a Myth”

June 20th | “The Bible is Dangerous, Inaccurate and Contradicts Itself”

June 27th | “The Best Morals are Crowd Sourced”

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  • Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.
  • The Reason for GodBelief in an Age of Skepticism by Tim Keller
  • Under The InfluenceHow Christianity Transformed Civilization by Alvin Schmidt
  • Darwin’s Black BoxThe BioChemical Challenge to Evolution by Michael Behe
  • The Fingerprint of God Recent Scientific Discoveries Reveal the Unmistakable Identity of the Creator by Hugh Ross
  • Unshakeable FoundationsContemporary Answers to Crucial Questions about the Christian Faith by Norman Geisler and Peter Bocchino
  • The Science Delusion by Curtis White
  • Genesis and the Dinosaur by Erich A. von Fange
  • Hope in Times of Fear by Tim Keller
  • The Case For Christ – Lee Strobel
  • Cold-Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace
  •  Jesus and the Eyewitnesses- Richard Bauckham
  • Can I Ask That — Fuller Youth Institute
  • Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask — Mark Mittleburg and Lee Stroebel
  • In Defense of the Bible: A Comprehensive Apologetic for the Authority of Scripture — Steven Cowan (ed.) & Terry Wilder (ed.)


*While we may not agree with every point that the speakers/authors are making, we believe it’s wise to hear from theologians, scientists, authors, and thinkers that may at times, have different views so that we can have an informed dialogue about these important topics.

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Kirk Dueker