Malawi Partnership Update

Creating Income – A New Reality for the Kambona and Msema Churches in Malawi

?I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten?? These are God’s words spoken to Israel through the prophet Joel, telling them that He will restore what the locusts had taken away from them. Our God truly is the God of restoration. He is able to more than make up for any loss we may experience.?

The people of Malawi, who depend on the crops they grow to feed them the following year, are all too familiar with their crops being ?Taken away.? Year after year, they have seen their crops wiped out by too little rain, too much rain, or literally eaten away by the Army Worm. And this year, there is also fear that the locusts who are invading the bordering countries, will cross into Malawi and once again destroy their crops.?

Many years of crop destruction and poverty have led to widespread food insecurity, famine, and death in Malawi. And unlike here at Hope, where through your generous giving the church is able to provide food for those in need, the Kambona and Msema churches in Malawi have no financial resources to help those who are in desperate need. But this challenge is beginning to change!?

Three years ago when Hope began our partnership with Pastor Duncan, one of the main goals was to help his churches through the Sharehope Foundation (a leadership team of the churches) to become self-reliant, and to have the finances available to help those within the churches and the villages who were in need. Our approach was for Sharehope Foundation to begin two businesses that would generate income for the churches.?

While on a 2018 trip to Malawi, we brainstormed business ideas with the Sharehope Foundation and Pastor Duncan, and a vision of a piggery and a maize mill in Msema was born. The piggery would generate income by selling piglets at a cost of $50-$100/ea USD, and the maize mill would not only generate income, but it would provide employment for 3 people.?

This vision was two years in the making, and we are excited to report that profits began in March, and the maize mill is indeed employing 3 people! Financially, March thru June, the Maize Mill generated $3120 USD in revenue and $1292 USD in profit. These are huge dollars to Malawian people. In April, two piglets were sold for $40 USD each and in June two piglets were sold for $82 USD each. The total profit between the two businesses was $1536 for a four-month period. With these profits, Sharehope Foundation was able to set-up hand washing stations at both churches to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and they are now in the process of building a corral to house the many piglets that will eventually need a place to grow before the sale. All of this progress was accomplished with the money they themselves earned. Praise God!

Over the last three years, it has been amazing to watch our great God open up doors that have provided training and resources to our brothers and sisters in Malawi, which enables them to have a better quality of life. And, the fact that these two churches now have a monthly income which they never have in the past, is quite a miracle as far as they are concerned. It is a giant step toward self-sufficiency and the dignity that it brings. This income will now provide opportunities for the Kambona and Msema churches to respond to needs within the churches and out in the villages, as they serve as the hands and feet of Jesus. God is beginning to restore what decades of poverty and drought have taken from the Malawian people. We give Him all praise, honor, and glory!

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