Malawi Team Dispatch: March 17, 2019

Thank you to so many who are keeping this mission in your prayers. The power and the grace of God is evident through many ways in our experiences here in Malawi. The people of the country and culture are a joy to be with.

Today would be very difficult to try to top! We worshipedwith our friends from the two churches that Pastor Duncan leads. Msema Church is where you see the photo of praise and dance. The choirs typically move during their worship offering, and the rhythm of the dance combined with the beautiful harmony leaves an indelible memory. It is a praise offering involving the hand, the heart, and the soul. Very beautiful.

Bill brought a fantastic message, shared in both services, Msema and Kambona. He taught on the topic of trust and hope. We looked at the lives of Mary and Simeon. Mary is a great example of showing trust in God and His direction for her life. Simeon, in his faithful waiting, trusted that God’s prophecy would one day be fulfilled. We were encouraged to ask the question, “Am I faith filled while I wait on God?” Bill included lots of scripture references looking at change and acknowledging that all change typically brings anxiety, even good change.

Just a very nice package that really fits so many applications to these Christian communities. We are blessed as Hope Rochester to be actively introducing CHANGE into the community of these two rural churches. As the services worked towards closure, Mike and Kevin werebothcalled forward to share comments and say goodbye to our brothers and sisters in Christ. There will be no end to the fellowship of our hearts.

In the afternoon we spent time back at the orphanage. It was exciting to see most students wearing the gospel bracelets we had previously built. Today we did two new craft activities and we did a review with questions concerning the more formal instruction we had shared with the children previously. The students did very well – they also had special thanks and prayers for us. A very sweet blessing!

Well, that is a peek at our Sunday fellowship and worship in Africa. At this time we are a half world apart from all of you, but it’s the same God we worship and praise. May His name be forever lifted high! AMEN.

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