Malawi Team Dispatch: March 18, 2019

Lord, you are my God;I will exalt You and praise Your name,for in perfect faithfulness You have done wonderful things,things planned long ago.Is. 25:1

Dear blog followers: You have prayed us through this trip! We are so thankful to you and to our great awesome and loving God.

We have seen and experienced so many Mighty works of His hand on this trip! It truly does stagger the imagination. He is working miracles here among us personally, among these beautiful Church families in Msema and Kambona, and among you our Hope Church family at home.

It’s very hard to pick one day over another in terms of excitement, accomplishment, and seeing Him at work. Today was another awesome one.

We met for a number of hours with the Share Hope Leadership Team. You will see their photo in this report. Mike opened up the meeting with a fantastic statement of purpose, of previous accomplishments, and of future possibilities. It was really a beautiful launch to our time together. This set the stage for his formal presentation. Mike offered great counsel in regards to direction and consideration for the leadership team to begin planning and praying through. The path has been established and it is making daily progress towards it’s goal . The Share Hope Foundation here in Malawi is right on the verge of establishing some earnings. Our dear friends here appreciate counsel and direction about how to handle this blessing in their lives. The needs here are HUGE and these blessed provisions will come to a people and a community which have never had a resource of this nature.

For a full exposure to this business plan and its wide reaching impacts please see any number of the folks who are involved with our Malawi team, present or past.

We can truly say that all of us from Hope Rochester and the Msema and Kambona churches are being blessed outrageously to see God’s hand in action today. Thank you Lord.

Bill followed up with further information, casting great leadership direction and protocol for the next steps. Questions with further discussion from the floor provided a very rewarding blessing for our team. Rabson was hard at work, doing interpretation, from both directions. We received absolute confirmation that all data and suggestions are received.

Some quotes directly from our dear African friends on the leadership team:

“Before we die we have to learn things and implement them so our lives will improve.”

“God is moving us from the first step, to the next step into the future.”

Our friends here are wonderful happy, joyous people, filled with faith in Jesus. This has been a marvelous blessing to be here and share life together for these last 10 days. Tonight will be our last sleep in Africa. At 6 a.m. Tuesday we begin the trek home, heading to the airport. We are scheduled to arrive back in Rochester at 10:44 a.m. on Wednesday morning, March 20th.

Thank You friends and family for your prayers and support in so many ways. In God’s blessing, we will expect to see you in just a couple of days.

Your friends in Africa, sharing our Hope together. In Jesus. Bill, Mike, Kevin.

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