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Hope Youth Adults!

Let’s love and walk with Jesus together.

Hope Youth offers us an opportunity as adults to model our love and walk with Jesus. Be ready for God to show up and reveal Himself as you pray for and serve youth. This is a place for parents, volunteers and prayer partners to join in youth ministry together. 

For quick text and email updates:


Praise God for volunteers serving our youth.


Pray for youth to discover their spiritual gifts.


Pray for endurance through health concerns.


Pray for a desire to meet God through study of His Word.


Pray for conversations to share the Gospel.


Praise God for His presence through hardships.


See below for snack & item wish lists made with input from the youth and volunteers. You can shop in person and deliver to church or send direct from your online outlet of choice. The lists below are linked to Amazon.

If you would like a tax receipt for your donation, please email John Brown.


Sign up to be a Hope Youth Volunteer for a one-time, monthly or weekly commitment.

We’re looking for:

  • Monthly Gym night volunteers.
  • Snack-bringers for gatherings.
  • Conversations in café on Sundays.
  • Flower City Work Camp volunteers by Feb 1.

Connect Online via Google Space

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Request an Invite via email

Request an Invite via email to the Google Space if you have not received one

Join the Conversation

If invite link did not join you to the space then go to chat.google.com to add yourself. Search for “Hope Youth Adults”. Join the conversation in Gmail or Google Chat.