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Saying yes to Jesus forgiving you and leading your life assures your salvation and being made part of the Body of Christ.  The next question becomes, what fellowship of believers do I want to become a part of within Christ's body? This is where Discover the 5G's and our membership process comes in.


... in worship.


... in love for God & all people.


... in service.


... sharing the hope of Jesus with a world in need of hope.

The Membership Proccess

To become a commissioned member of Hope Church, we have a 4-step plan, to help you become better acquainted with Hope- and more importantly- with the faith we profess.  After completing the four steps, you will have the opportunity to decide if you wish to become a member of the family of Hope

  • STEP 1

    Discover the 5G's

    A 5-week class where you will learn about the basic understanding of the Christian faith.

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  • STEP 2

    spiritual gifts

    Discover the Spiritual Gifts God has given you!

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  • STEP 3


    Become involved and seek new opportunities to grow as a Jesus follower.

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  • STEP 4

    living the 5gs

    Go deeper with each of the 5Gs on your journey to becoming a devoted follower of Jesus.

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This is a 5-week class where you will learn about the basic understanding of the Christian faith as it helps participants take the next steps toward a lifetime devotion to Christ.

Our Next Class Begins:
Sunday, October 6th, 2019

While Discover the 5Gs is the first step to becoming a member, it is open to anyone- in fact, we encourage everyone to take this class! Whether you’re brand new to Hope, have been attending for a while or been a member for a long time, this is a place where you’ll make new friends, build relationships with old friends and grow together in community and as followers of Christ.


This online tool will help you discover the areas in which God has gifted you. It's all done on the web, so it may be completed at any time, right from the comfort of home!

God has graced each one of us with Spiritual Gifts. These gifts are part of His plan for our lives, and He desires each of us to serve out of the giftedness and passion He has wired us up for. Discover your spiritual gifts and how you can serve at Hope and be a blessing to others. Click below to take our 10-minute assessment; there are no wrong answers!


It's time to get connected & start experiencing the life-changing difference the 5Gs make.

This portion of the membership process emphasizes what everyone who comes to Hope is encouraged to do - to get involved & seek new opportunities to grow as a Jesus follower. We believe, as a growing follower of Jesus, especially one desiring membership, it becomes more and more natural to participate in each of the 5G's:

  • GATHER- Worship regularly
  • GROW- Join a Life Group or Bible Study
  • GIVE- Serve in one of Hope’s many ministries
  • GO- Build friendships with those who do not have a church home

The participate portion of the process takes between the Discovering the 5G’s and Living the 5G’s classes, and of course, is encouraged as you continue your journey towards a lifetime devotion to Christ.

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