Life Hurts, God Heals

Sunday, Jan 20 - Apr 7 | 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM | Gathering Place North


Life Hurts, God Heals is a group for people 13-25 years old, dealing with feelings of hurt or abandonment.  If you’re hurting, then this is the group for you.  A group of adult mentors leads participants through a 12 step program of recovery.

Let’s face it, sometimes LIFE HURTS, and we get caught up in the habits that are hard to break. If you are dealing with pain (who isn’t?) including addictions, eating disorders, abuse, pornography, drinking, cutting, etc., then Life Hurts God Heals is for you. Hundreds of students have gone through this program, and many lives were changed.

What is Life Hurts God Heals?

Life Hurts God Heals (LHGH) is a 12-lesson program providing life-long tools for youth and young adults ages 12 – 22 who have experienced pain or addiction including drinking, cutting, pornography, eating disorders, troubled family dynamics, etc.

If you are familiar with 12-step programs (i.e. Alcoholics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, etc.), then you understand the basic structure for Life Hurts God Heals. However, Life Hurts God Heals is an 8-step group targeted specifically for students in middle school through college age and is based on the beatitudes from the Bible. This curriculum provides life-long tools for students dealing with unresolved hurt and pain. It was written by John Baker, Doug Fields and Megan Hutchinson as a result of seeing the unmet pain of students in their youth ministry at Saddleback Church.

12 Steps of Life Hurts God Heals that Could Change Your Life!

Step 1: Get Help 1
Denial - Self-protecting behavior that keeps us from honestly facing the truth. 

Step 2: Get Help 2
Powerlessness - When I admit that I'm powerless, I can help and begin to change.

Step 3: Open Your Heart
Hope - God loves you and He wants to heal your pain.

Step 4: Trusting God
Turn - I need to learn to depend on God.

Step 5: Trusting God in All Areas
Action - We get unstuck from pride, fear, guilt and worry by taking action.

Step 6: Hear and Speak 1
Truth - I need to evaluate my life.

Step 7: Hear and Speak 2
Life Review - Review your relationships, priorities and attitudes.

Step 8: Hear and Speak 3
Confess - I need to confess to myself, to God and to someone I trust.

Step 9: Embracing a New Way
Ready - True life-change takes time - putting myself on the right path and developing new habits.

Step 10: Forgiveness
Forgive - I will ask for forgiveness for any wrong I have done.

Step 11: Healing
Grace - I will offer forgiveness to those who have hurt me.

Step 12: Live for God
Your Heart - Set aside some time for God, examine my life, and evaluate the conflicts which attack your heart.


Jr. High Students
Grade 6-8
Sr. High Students
Grade 9-12
Young Adults
Age 18-22

Led By:

Jill Stojkovic



1:00 PM - 2:30 PM



Gathering Place North



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