Our Final Day

Aug 24, 2019


How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.” Psalm 104:24

After a week of preaching, worship, teaching, training, visiting goat, pig and bucket drip kit beneficiaries, installing a test plot irrigation system and fellowship, we were blessed as Duncan took us today  Liwonde National Park.

This game reserve has the Black Rhino, Hippos, Zebras, Impala’s,  and among other things, the largest remaining population of Elephants in Malawi.

We hired a safari guide who took us on a two hour tour. One of the highlights was seeing a family of elephants near the watering hole. This day was a perfect way to see more of Malawi’s beauty, and it was a great day of fellowship with Rabson and Duncan.

As our trip draws to an end, we praise God for all that He has shown us and taught us this week. We praise Him for the mighty way He is working in and through our brothers and sisters here in Malawi. We thank Him for keeping goats and pigs healthy, and for enabling them to become pregnant. We thank Him for bountiful crops from the use of drip irrigation, and we thank Him for being faithful to grow His Church and to grow His disciples.

We thank Duncan and Mercy for their generous hospitality, and for all the meals that Mercy has prepared this week. We thank little Josiah too, for all of his smiles and waves this week. We also thank the members of the Kambona and Msema Churches for always welcoming us so warmly and affectionately.

We would appreciate your prayers for safe and unobstructed travel, and we look forward to seeing our Hope family soon!

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