678 Youth at Hope:  our 2020 re-launch

We have reviewed our ministry and made adjustments to our program in light of the impact of the coronavirus on everyday life in our community. In seeking to meet the needs of middle school youth in a variety of circumstances, we have implemented some changes for Fall 2020.

What will be different? 

678 Youth now meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm until 8:00pm. All 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Youth are encouraged to join us, either in person or online. We no longer meet Sunday mornings, though the Higher Ground space will be open to All Youth for the 30 minutes before and after 9am worship.

The path to Confirmation has been reorganized in bringing our two previous programs (QUEST 1 and 678 Youth Sundays) together.  We are now working with a three-year rotation of discovery, growth, building relationships and having fun. 

Why the changes? 

Discipleship is our primary purpose for 678 Youth. We want to help all of our Youth be prepared for their journey of faith. That preparation includes many of the things that were being covered separately in QUEST 1, though not all of our youth were involved in that program. We’ve stepped away from a “2-track” model (QUEST and youth group) to a unified concept. 

As students move into youth ministry, they need to begin finding their place in the ministry of Hope, including greater participation in worship. Hope Kids Sundays works well at the same time as worship. As children grow into Youth, youth programming can conflict with attending worship. Meeting on Wednesdays allows these young people to discover the importance of both parts of their church life.

Along with all of this, we have the current challenge of the coronavirus and the social distancing that it requires. Shifting our focused ministry day to Wednesday will diminish tensions around Hope Kids Sundays transitions, building cleaning & sanitizing, and overall social distancing on Sunday mornings here at Hope. This may not be forever, but it’s a reality for the foreseeable future.


​Resources for those seeking Confirmation:

  • The 6 Teaching Sessions are to be watched by the student and a parent while the student completes a note sheet to turn in -- confirmands should do one per month from October through March.  Pastor Greg leads a Zoom session on the first Tuesdays (November through April) to continue the conversation.
  • The form to track Community Service Hours & Memory Verses 

For the Confirmation Project for the April 28 Faith Fair:

Confirmation 2021:

  • CONFIRMATION REHEARSAL & FAITH FAIR is Wednesday, April 28, 6:30-8:30pm.  Confirmands will come together with their families to display their stoles and project boards and celebrate their growth in faith with their fellow confirmands.
  • CONFIRMATION is Sunday, May 2 at 1:00 pm.  Families and relatives are invited to this special celebration service.  (Confirmand dress code here.) 

wednesday nights

Our time on Wednesdays nights (6:30 - 8:00) has four parts:

  1. Kickoff:  We begin at 6:30pm with some fun — a music set, screen games, a skit, or a goofy video are all possibilities.
  2. Inspiration:  The next 20 minutes introduces the core theme to the large group through a short teaching intended to inspire conversation and growth.
  3. Small Groups:  This is the heart of the evening where Youth wrestle, question, grow, and discover with their Small Group Leader and peers.
  4. Wrap-Up:  We close the evening as a large group for the last ten minutes.

online or in person?

We recognize that not everyone will be willing or able to participate in person here at Hope. For those Youth who are online, we stream the Kickoff and Inspiration on our YouTube channel.  Small Groups include participation via ZOOM, with the Wrap-Up once again streamed. Weekly registration (and masks!) are required for those attending in person due to maximum capacity limited by social distancing.  For those who cannot attend at all on Wednesdays, the YouTube recording is made available for later viewing and we send out other materials weekly.


The step of Confirming their faith now extends from 678 Youth rather than being a separate track. The three-year rotation of teaching provides a foundation that eclipses what was formerly Quest 1. For all those that desire to move to Confirmation — typically in 8th Grade going forward — the process is very similar to what has been called Quest 2. The steps to Confirmation include:

  • TEACHING SESSIONS:  These sessions provide more specific instruction on God's plan of Salvation and His Church and include preparation for Holy Communion.  The six teaching videos and their accompanying guide are to be completed as the confirmand and parent watch at home.
  • SERVICE HOURS & MEMORY VERSES:  20 hours of service and significant verses to remember are included to develop habits of a faith life.
  • SPRING INTERVIEWS:  Pastor Greg meets with each confirmand and their parents to discuss readiness for Confirmation, review the highlights of their faith journey so far, and to give confirmands their confirmation verse.
  • FAITH PROJECT & FAITH FAIR:  Students explore their personal faith by creating a confirmation stole and display board that is shared with families and the other confirmands in late April at the Faith Fair on the Wednesday before Confirmation Sunday.  Pastor Greg will host two stole workshops to provide guidance.

Families will be asked to indicate in the Fall if their student will be confirming their faith in the Spring so that completion of the program steps can be tracked.

NOTE:  678 Youth Wednesdays will be canceled if the Greece Central School District cancels school or extracurricular activities.  Weather cancellations will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  For additional questions, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


All events (except weekly gatherings) require advance registration and a current Youth Participation Packet.

Please let us know if emergency or health information changes.


You can help raise funds for our annual high school summer mission trip by donating your cans & bottles! 

Have a Question About Quest?

Let us know below, and Pastor Greg Strand (our Pastor to Youth) or Diana Strand (our Youth Ministry Assistant) will get back to you!

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