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Hope Food Pantry

Welcome to the H.F.P. Volunteer Page where you can find all the information you need!

Please feel free to join us for any or all of these important steps to a successful distribution:

Friday Set Up

Pallets of dry goods are delivered in the morning. The first crew comes to the Family Life Center at 2:00 pm, sets up 3-4 tables for sorting, sorts, repackages and labels food. This takes 2-3 hours. At 4:00 the second crew comes in an sets up the tables, dividers and chairs in the Family Life Center, Room 106 (for registration) and the hallway for FoodLink’s Mobile Pantry. They make sure whatever we have on Friday is staged for Saturday morning.

Saturday Morning Set Up
The first truck on Saturday arrives at 7:30 am. Start time for volunteers is 8:00 am. This is the time we spend sorting, bagging and staging food. Bagging and sorting continues all throughout distribution day as we try to keep one half hour’s worth of food ready at all times (52 bags).

Saturday Morning Early Distribution

We open for Hope members and volunteers receiving food at 10:30 till 11:15 am. Lunch for volunteers is provided at 11:20 am.

Volunteers will be notified when to report to Room 106 for registration.

Lunch for Volunteers

Lunch is provided for volunteers in two stages starting at 11:30 am.

Public Distribution

Doors open to the public at 12:00 pm. We ask that all volunteers arrive prior to this time. Please check in with the volunteer coordinator, receive your name tag and your assigned work station. We also ask that you make sure we have your proper contact information each month to keep our database updated.

Job assignments:

• Prior to actual Distribution, most everyone sorts. Whether it is canned goods, cereal boxes or bagging fruits and vegetables. Please listen carefully to the instructions so we can be sure each family gets the food that they are entitled to.
• We also need people outside helping with directing traffic and passing out time cards to clients for their return distribution times. Please dress for weather conditions. Orange vests are provided to you for your safety.
• Most job assignments for new volunteers will be in the Shopping Area. Handing out food and controlling the massive amount of cardboard used to name a few. We will find a way for you to contribute.
• At the end of the distribution, there is still plenty of work to do: taking down chairs and tables in the Family Life Center, Room 106 and the Mobile Pantry area in the hallway. The Family Life Center needs to be vacuumed, and the halls cleaned up to prepare for weekend worship services.

We greatly appreciate our volunteers. Without your hard work, dedication, and cheerful attitudes, this ministry could not continue to grow and be a blessing to so many families in the Greece area. For some of our clients, we are the only cheerful faces they may see. Please keep in mind, this is a ministry first, and a food pantry second.

Got questions? Email Dom Lucisano or Debbie Lang.