Pastor Larry Stojkovic




Pastor Larry loves his wife, Jill, his children, Joel, Rachel and Elisabeth, and his son-in-law, Kyle. He loves his calling and the church which he serves - Hope. He loves preaching and teaching. He loves hockey, golf and football. He loves history, especially anything to do with the American Civil War.

Most importantly, he loves Jesus, because He first loved him. He loves the fact that the Bible is God speaking to this present generation. He loves the truth that by God's grace, he was called out of darkness into a marvelous light. He loves the hope that is found in the empty tomb. He loves the clarity and power of the Gospel. He loves the Creator and the Creator's magnificent design. He loves telling people that heaven is a reality and that Jesus is the Way home.

He would love for you to read this little bio, and not see Pastor Larry, but instead, fall in love with Jesus Christ.

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585-723-4673 x131

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