Hello Friends,

We have been encouraged by the number of people that have not only listened to the messages on Racism and Reconciliation both in-person and online and we have been equally encouraged by the number of people that would like to continue the conversation.   We are providing that opportunity.

The online event will take place on ZOOM.   If you do not have a ZOOM account, it’s FREE to create one and it’s super easy! 

If you prefer not to create an account or if you are unavailable on October 22nd, no worries.  We will be recording the discussion segment of the presentation and it will be available on our Youtube channel by the following Monday.

Here is the link to register:  https://forms.gle/pPYmWQscnTzjWhQz6

We are providing an opportunity to ask questions or submit ideas about what you would like covered ahead of time as part of the registration.  Please know that we probably won’t be able to cover every submission, we will, however, keep continuing the conversation.

We’re also forming an online forum called Hope for Social Justice where people can share information and resources around current issues in our community.  If you’d like to be a part of that just let us know on the registration form, even if you can’t make the presentation.

If you have any questions, contact us at communications@sharethehope.org