Hi Friends,


We’re well on our way to fall! As we settle into some new routines, we thought it would be an excellent time to share a Hope Message Guide which will allow you and your family to choose the online options that work for you.

The Entire Service on Sundays

Live at 9:00 am

Rebroadcast at 11:00 am

Facebook Rebroadcast-  Sunday at 5 pm.

Available on Mondays after 12 pm

  • Entire service:   website, click on the Latest Message button
  • Message only: 


The Message Archive  button takes you to the landing page of our Youtube channel where you can look at all of our playlists which include the message only of the current series, previous series, and some of our online classes.

Invite, Invite, Invite– We’re so much better together!

It’s super-duper easy to invite someone to watch with you or to send them a message!

website:  the front page has an INVITE a Friend button in the middle of the page– click on that and fill out the corresponding form which will send your friend an invite from your email

If your watching LIVE through the website, the host will post an INVITE button at the beginning of service.  You can click on that and send a message to your friend through social media or an email for them to join you on the spot!

If you’re on Facebook, just hit the SHARE button and share the Live Stream as a personal message to a friend, to a group you belong to, or share the LIVE stream to your own page.

If you’re on Youtube you can hit the share button and send through social media or email or if you are on your own phone you can copy and paste the link into a text.

We are so grateful that God has provided this technology to share the hope to so many.  Thank you in advance for partnering with us.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us at communications@sharethehope.org