You may have these symptoms:
????You’ve been ZOOMing so much, you’re beginning to think that ZOOM is a tv series
????Hybrid doesn’t just apply to cars; it’s the format for learning this school year.
????Your glasses fog up constantly when you wear your mask and your bumping into things
????The good news is few and far between
You’re in luck. The doctor is in. Dr. Luke from the New Testament, that is.
We’re looking for 100 or more people to join us as we explore this book of the Bible and its message of hope and encouragement. (Last count: 57 registered!)
????Never read the Bible before? Perfect, you can start now or start with watching a movie
????Read, study, watch at your own pace. (We’re working toward a common goal, independently)
????Check-in at one of our check-ups (see what we did there) to ask questions or share an insight or don’t. Your study. Your terms.  Wait until you see what God can do!
???? Have a friend join you and compare notes.
It’s time to be intentional about what fills your heart and mind.
Register today ( and get all the details.
Who’s in?