Christmas is different this year and also unique and special.  As we make room in our hearts for the Newborn King and heaven and nature sing, our connections can become more intentional, our time better managed and our hearts more focused on what we have because God is with us.

While there is no joy in Covid, there is a call to creativity and kindness; a call to caring and a need to love well. Covid 19 means our family will sing Christmas Carols on Christmas Day as a way to celebrate with grandparents that are safer at home. (#praiseJesusfor1stfloorapartments) That never would have happened without a pandemic.  While we’d love to be gathered at the table together, we will be super grateful for heartfelt smiles through the window pane and doorway.  Different? Yes.  Delightful in its own way? You bet. (We’re hoping other residents and neighbors nearby will think so too.)

We’re sure to find more joy in unexpected places this Christmas season.  Pastor Kirk, Pastor Larry and Pastor Greg have created a beautiful, interactive worship service called “Songs of Christmas” that will be available ON DEMAND starting on Christmas Day and throughout the weekend of December 26th and 27th for our services on this weekend.  You get to choose when you want to watch and how much you will participate.

STARTING ON CHRISTMAS DAYYou can find Songs of Christmas video on:

You can start planning now to be as interactive as you want to be!  Visit and scroll down to the Songs of Christmas section.  Check out the suggested activities and build your Songs of Christmas kit! (We’re making Stollen bread on Monday!)

God is so faithful; who knows what traditions your family might start or revisit because you participated so actively in the Songs of Christmas! 

If you do participate in the Songs of Christmas activities, we’d love to hear about it!  You can add a photo to our Christmas Guest Book (be sure to check out the Christmas trees there already!) or reply with a picture to some of our Songs of Christmas posts!

Praying for joy to your world this Christmas Season!