Hello Friends,

Tune in tonight with Pastor Larry and Jill at 7 pm as they discuss the next topic:  Love Interrupted.

1. Watch the PL and Jill Video on our Online Platform

If you can’t make it tonight, you can watch the video after it streams at 7pm on our Youtube channel. 

2. View the Corresponding Right Now Media Video

Get your snack ready and then watch the corresponding video on Right Now Media.   If you need a Right Now Media Account, it’s FREE, just click here and then search for The Art of Marriage when you get on the site.

If you have a Right NOW Media account- here’s the direct link to the Love Interrupted video.

3. Discuss and Have a Date Night sometime this week

This Week’s Discussion Questions:

1. What was your biggest takeaway after watching  Love Interrupted?

2. Read 1 Peter 4:8.  Do you agree or disagree that some things need to be overlooked?  Explain.  What advice would you give to other couples in deciding what to discuss and what to overlook?

3.  Explain the difference between winning an argument and resolving a conflict.


This Week’s Date Night Adventure:

Have a candlelight picnic on your living room floor.  Sit close and take turns sharing why you love your spouse.

Then discuss:

  • Complete the following sentence:  The way my parents/family resolved conflict is by_________________.
  • Express your gratitude to each other for being willing to work through conflict and not run away from it.

If you have missed any of the PL and Jill videos, they are always available after streaming on our Youtube channel.  Just look for the Art of Marriage playlist.