Hello Friends,

Tune in tonight with Pastor Larry and Jill at 7 pm as they discuss the next topic:  Love Interrupted.

1. Watch the PL and Jill Video on our Online Platform

If you can’t make it tonight, you can watch the video after it streams at 7pm on our Youtube channel. 

2. View the Corresponding Right Now Media Video

Get your snack ready and then watch the corresponding video on Right Now Media.   If you need a Right Now Media Account, it’s FREE, just click here and then search for The Art of Marriage when you get on the site.

If you have a Right NOW Media account- here’s the direct link to the Love Sizzles video.

3. Discuss and Have a Date Night sometime this week

This Week’s Discussion Questions:

1. What was your biggest takeaway after watching  Love Interrupted?

2. Does a good relationship make for good sex, or does good sex make for a good relationship?  Explain your answer.

3.  When it comes to talking about your sexual relationship: what makes it easier to talk about it?  What makes it harder?


This Week’s Date Night Adventure:

Ask your spouse to describe the perfect afternoon or evening that would get them in the mood and then take turns to do your best to create it for each other.

Then discuss:

  • Complete the following sentence:  In my opinion, in order to make our sex life even better, we need to _________________.
  • Recall one or two of your “top ten of all time” sexual experiences and share them with each other.

If you have missed any of the PL and Jill videos, they are always available after streaming on our Youtube channel.  Just look for the Art of Marriage playlist.