April 20, 2020 | 3:45 pm

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to pandemics, isn’t there?  We’re learning how to keep our families safe and how to keep them connected as we #stayathome #alonetogether It’s been a learning curve for all of us as God stretches us in new directions.  Here are some quick guides to help you navigate:

These are the main platforms we are using.

Online Church-  the easiest way to get there is to make sure you are on our website sharethehope.org and then click on the Join Us Online button.  For now, this is the place that we’ll gather in our online pews (couches) and share a special time together.

YouTube:  After all of the service streams from our online platform, the message will be available to listen to whenever you like.  We also have online studies that you can do.

Facebook-  There are two parts to this platform.  The first is our Facebook Page.  Consider it a bulletin board where we’re inviting people to come and check us out.  We’re providing encouragement and resources and invitations to join us.   The next is our Facebook Group-  Hope Online.  The easiest way to get to it is to from our Facebook Page.  Just click on the word Groups to the left and our group will come up.  Consider this group a virtual coffee shop.  We’re studying together, posting positive messages for each and great songs and have conversations with each other.  It’s open to the public and we are so excited to see people invite other people!

We’d love to have you invite them to services too!  Here’s our schedule for the next few weeks.  Our new platform has great tools:

Chat:  This tab opens 10 minutes before service starts so you can say hello and have a virtual meet and greet.

Notes section:  check here before service to make the most of your experience and to find resources that reinforce the message.

Bible:  There’s a built-in Bible with a search so you can follow along.

Schedule:  All of our upcoming events are listed here which include services and other special opportunities to connect.

There are also some tabs at the very top of the page that will give you more information or resources depending on what the message is that day.  Be sure to check those out!

We’ve been seeing some great success with our new platform, however, sometimes there have been issues report.  If your screen shakes, go to full screen mode and see if that helps.  If your video doesn’t start right away, hit your refresh button.

We’re also trying to keep you connected during the week through song, study, prayer, virtual coffee and just plain fun.  Hope Groups are also starting this week and they are another great way to connect.

Thank you for your patience as we have worked through technology issues, gone LIVE on the wrong platforms and learned some things the hard way.  We see God working in us and through us and sometimes in spite of us.  He is providing a way to reach and connect with people that will last far beyond this pandemic.  Yay for God!