Words of Hope from Elder Carl Coloney

In Luke 23:46, as our Lord Jesus was dying He cried out “ Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit”. He gave His life, death and eternity into His Father’s hands for safekeeping. Many people at the time of their death will give themselves to the God that they envision. We as believers place our eternal future into our Heavenly Father as we know and trust Him in Jesus our Savior.

If we can commend our eternal well being into His hands, how about the other factors in our lives? Our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our spirituality, our relationships, our fears, our doubts, our anger, our frustrations, our purpose in life. The COVID virus has brought out many positive as well as negative situations that we are dealing with. As we have no control over the virus or the timing of our death and trust our Father with them, why not trust Him with all the rest? As someone said, “Give your life to God, He can do more with it than you can”. A song we sing in worship says “ I surrender all.” May that be our peace in the midst of the storm.