“That was an eye-opener”.

I heard that statement said a while ago about a news item on tv. I began to reflect on those “eye-opener” things in life that could be very big or very insignificant. A statement made by someone could open up a whole new area of understanding. A sports star killed in a tragic helicopter crash could open our eyes to the frailness of life. A worldwide pandemic can certainly be an eye-opener.

Jesus, several times, opened the eyes of the blind. One time it was a physical healing of a man born blind, while another was a spiritual awareness of His presence. It benefits us to look for those eye-opening things in our lives that God uses to grow us in Him. How has a worldwide pandemic opened our eyes, or how about the death of a man in Minneapolis which has had worldwide effect? How about our 3-month pause in life and social distancing and quarantining or isolation from friends and family?

Paul said in the book of Romans chapter 8 that God works for the good in all things. Death, accidents and pandemics are certainly not good things but can we through these eye-openers discover the good that He is working in our lives? Father, help us to trust you in these difficult days and open our eyes to where you are bringing good through all things for us and our world. We ask this in Jesus name.