Words of Hope from Elder Carl Coloney:

Winning our battles. Life can present strange turns of events which can be battles or at least mini skirmishes. God created us to support and be supported by one another.

In the book of Exodus, chapter 17, Moses was on top of a hill watching the Israelite army being attracted by the army of the Amalekites. As long as his hands were lifted, the Israelite army was winning but when they were lowered they began to lose. Two of Moses friends held his hands up as he tired and it says his hands remained steady until sunset and the Israelite army won the battle. During the past few months of our new normal, how have you been able to hold up the hands of the Moses is your lives or how have you been a Moses and have your hands been held up by others? Many battles are being won or lost during these days but the support we give others or get from them can make victories much more possible. Jesus calls us to love one another as He has loved us. He will hold us up and we can use that same support to hold others up as well. Blessed hand holding!