Have you ever contemplated the question – Why do I believe in God?  A person once told me that they believed in God because they were afraid not to. It was the “believe or burn” type of faith. Another said that it was something they were supposed to do. Others will mention parents or grandparents who were believers so they were following in the family line. Many have come to a point in their lives where they cry out to a God they may not know for help and rescue. Others felt a tug in their hearts for a spiritual connection that will give life meaning and purpose. Others believe as they have a need to be loved and accepted on a deeper level in their spirits. Many have given their lives to Jesus at a crusade or church or retreat gathering. Some profess a belief in order to be part of the faith community.

The Bible says that faith is a gift from our Lord worked in us by His Holy Spirit. Our faith is a journey from a starting point to the finish. However we started, we are ever-growing through the joys and sorrows of life to the completion. Our Father has said that we will find Him if we seek Him with all of our hearts. However we have come to Him, He has used that circumstance to grow us closer. May we grow to the point where we can say “ I believe in Him because I need to, He deserves it, He created me for that, and finally because He believes in me.”