Worship Arts Ministry at Hope

The Fine Arts are incredible gifts from God that we believe He uses in a mighty way to proclaim Jesus and bring glory to His name, while at the same time often making a connection that might not happen any other way!
In our ministry here at Hope, we offer a variety of opportunities in which people of all ages can offer our Living God a sacrifice of praise, whether it’s vocally, instrumentally, dramatically or through the technical arts of lighting, sound, and multimedia.
The ministries listed on the pages below are more than groups, but people committed to Jesus and to each other, meeting on a regular basis to share in Worship and at various ministry events. Please speak to anyone on our Fine Arts staff or contact David Hurlbutt or Karen Buck regarding rehearsal times and schedules, as they change throughout the year.  
Worship Arts exercises all 5G's here at Hope Church. The planning of worship starts with the GOSPEL, the Good News of Jesus:


It facilitates, together with the Holy Spirit, the GATHERING of God's people in worship every weekend.


Through the message, music and multi-media it's our prayer all who come GROW in their love of God and all people.


It's also an area to GIVE of one's talent and time to serve vocally, instrumentally, on a tech team or in Guest Services to serve the people God brings to Hope Church.


And it's a tremendous GO opportunity to invite others any weekend to hear the Good News of Jesus and all He brings to life and living.


Festival Choir

Festival Choir

Tech Arts

Hope Tech Arts

Whether it’s sound, lighting or multimedia, this is a fast growing ministry. We have a continual need to add to each of our tech teams for Worship on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as events and special projects throughout the week.

This “behind the scenes” ministry endeavors to enhance what is seen and heard of giving God's message maximum impact. We’ll train any heart with a passion for serving. See Ron Oyer any Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm in the Worship Center, or contact Ron at 723-4673 x173.

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