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God Will Take Care of Us

Some days are better than others and then there comes a day that you’re not sure you’ll recover from.  Troy, thank you for courageously sharing your story of hope and for reminding us that God will take care of us. December 16 of 2016 is a date I am not sure I will ever forget…

What’s the Win?

Here we are in the space between Christmas and New Years when we’re not always sure what day it is.  It’s a time in the midst of all that is merry and bright that we often reflect on the past year and wonder what the new one might bring.  What’s the win for you? We…

This is Real Christmas

As the cold weather and winter-season snows bear down, it’s not just the physical challenge of winter-time that proves a struggle. As we see the barren-ness of the trees, our hearts can feel like they’ve lost something as well. The sting of the winds seems to run to the deepest part of us. And there’s…

The Tug of God

It happened in August, while Dawn Burns was moving her mother back to Rochester. “We were setting her up in an apartment, so we could keep a watchful eye on her,” she says. But two hours after they’d gotten the U-Haul, they found themselves at Unity. “Here we were, literally moving Mom home, and now…