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Fall Church Wide Study

Please join us for our upcoming Fall Church Wide Study, “Christianity Explored” beginning the week of September 24/25th.

All the groups below are welcoming new members and we’d love to have you join us! Please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you soon.

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Come and meet our Hope Group Leaders.
Sunday, September 11th 10:30-11:15 am in the gym.

SundayLocationLeaderType of Group
11:00 amHope BrockportTom Cribbscouples/singles
5:30 pmHope GreeceBob Browncouples/singles
MondayLocationLeaderType of Group
9:30 amHope GreeceStephanie Banachmoms of preschoolers
6:00 pmHope GreeceShelly Cavallarowomen
6:30 pmHope GreecePaul Ludingtonclassroom style, all are welcome
6:30 pmHope GreeceTeresa Ludingtonwomen
6:30 pmHope GreeceTony/Gwen Machulskiscouples/singles
TuesdayLocationLeaderType of Group
6:00 amHope GreecePastor Kirkmen
6:30 pmHope GreeceSusan Williswomen
7:00 pmHome (Fairport)Pastor Arnold/Nancy Deknatelcouples/singles
7:00 pmGoogle MeetsFred Grosecouples/singles
WednesdayLocationLeaderType of Group
6:00 amHope GreeceDavid Zimmermanmen
6:00 pmHope GreeceJosh/Lindsey Bruggercouples/singles,
childcare available
6:00 pmHope GreeceElisa Prestoncouples/singles,
childcare available
6:00 pmHope GreeceJon and Rachel Goehringcouples/singles,
childcare available
6:00 pmHope GreeceMatt Vanduzeecouples/singles,
childcare available
6:30 pmHope GreeceTim/Laura Kneelandcouples/singles,
childcare available
6:30 pmHope GreeceMark/Mindy Erbeldingcouples/singles,
childcare available
6:30 pmHope GreeceBill/Amy Steinmetzcouples/singles,
childcare available
6:30 pmHope GreeceShaunna Smithcouples/singles,
childcare available
7:00 pmHope GreeceMark/Bev Janoskycouples/singles,
childcare available
7:00 pmHope GreeceRoss/Betsy Koenigcouples/singles,
childcare available
7:00 pmHope GreeceJohn/Mary Marianetticouples/singles,
childcare available
7:00 pmHope GreeceCharlie/Chris Martellacouples/singles,
childcare available
7:00 pmHope GreeceJill Stojkovic20's-30's, couples/singles,
childcare available
7:00 pmHope BrockportDoc/Sue Kavanaghcouples/singles,
childcare available
7:00 pmZoomDave/Sue Hurlbuttcouples/singles
7:00 pmHome (Greece)Joel Stojkovicyoung men 18+
ThursdayLocationLeaderType of Group
9:00 amHope GreeceTim Tyler/Tom Confermen
9:45 amHope GreeceHeather Senchynawomen
6:00 pmHope GreeceEsther Nowakcouples/singles
6:30 pmHope GreeceSharon Howeywomen
7:00 pmHome (Greece)Jodi Duekerwomen
7:00 pmHome (Greece)Dave/Lauren Stoesselcouples/singles

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A place to connect and grow with others and in your relationship with God.

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A time to take the next steps in your faith walk; a time to grow by serving, studying, and/or gathering with friends.

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