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Hey Families! Welcome to the Hope Christian Preschool webpage.  There is a lot of useful information about preschool on this page, including a virtual tour video!  Check out our new kids space!

Preschool Registration for the 2022-2023 School Year is open

Registration and payment are online. Click the button below to get started!

If you have placement questions, please contact Kellie Hudson at kelliehudson@sharethehope.org

Enrollment is reviewed daily, please be sure to complete the wait list if your first choice is not available and the director will contact you.

Many questions can be answered by reading the “Learn More About our Prechool” section below. We give tours on select Sunday and Thursday afternoons. To schedule a tour, click below.

Tours & Questions

Since its beginning in 1962, Hope Christian Preschool has been committed to serving the needs of the families in our community. Our academic curriculum meets the core competency guidelines for New York State Preschools. The teaching staff consists of well-qualified professionals with college degrees and/or equivalent classroom experience who will gently guide your child through the stages of learning.  Teachers also have child safety, first aid and CPR training.

Our Christian based curriculum teaches the children the most important message - Jesus loves them!


  • Must be 2 by August 1st
  • Diapers are allowed and the children will be changed if needed.
  • This class meets 2 or 3 days a week for 2.5 hours, either Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday.
  • If space allows, those turning 2 after August 1st but prior to December 1st, may enroll on the first day of the month following their birthday, until December 1st.


Two-day Threes

  • Must be 3 by December 1st
  • Classes are on Tuesday/Thursday.
  • Diapers are not accepted for this age level.
  • Staff cannot change a soiled pull up as there are no changing stations in the 3 and 4 year old bathrooms. A parent or guardian will be called for soiled pull-ups. The child can be changed using facilities within the building and the child can return to class.
  • Children in this class tend to be the younger 3 year olds, some with fall 3 year old birthdays. Pull up are accepted.  However, the child must be independent in the bathroom and able to step in and out of a wet pull up.  There should be some interest in using a toilet. 


Three-day Threes

  • Must be 3 by December 1st
  • Classes are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Children in this class are fully toilet trained and independent in the bathroom. No diapers or pull ups are accepted


Three-day Fours

  • Must be 4 by December 1st
  • Classes are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Children in this class tend to be the younger 4 year olds or are turning 4 by December 1, fully toilet trained and independent in the bathroom.
  • No diapers or pull ups are accepted.
  • Children will be exposed to and engage in tasks and projects involving the core competencies for preparation for Kindergarten.


Five-day Older Fours

  • Must be 4 by August 1st.
  • Children must be fully toilet trained and independent in the bathroom.
  • No diapers or pull ups are accepted.
  • Classes are Monday – Friday.
  • This class is geared towards children who are taking advantage of the ‘gift of another year’ of preschool by delaying Kindergarten one year, or 4 year olds with birthdays early in the calendar year.
  • The 4 year old Pre-K core competences are the same as the 3 day Fours, but the class has more time for lesson and skill reinforcement on the extra days.

Typical Day:  Each class is unique in lesson specifics and child expectations, but includes the same basic elements. 

  • All classes are 2.5 hours long per session
  • Child choice /centers: puzzles and toys, center activities, (i.e. kitchen, dress-up, science, blocks, books, time for social   interaction and developing friendships.)  During this time the children learn about decision making and sharing as they play.  Teachers also take the opportunity to work with them, one on one or in small groups.  
  • Circle time activities: opening song and prayer, calendar, helper chart, Bible story, learning concepts, and introduction to the craft.
  • Craft Time: Fine Motor skills and academic concepts are reinforced and new ones are practiced through the crafts and other creative activities.
  • Wash up and snack time: Snack time gives the children the opportunity to socialize and be responsible for themselves.
  • Active play: takes place in the indoor play center, the play Zone or outside on the playground where children use their large muscles.
  • Show & Tell/Letter of the week: helps the children develop their language skills and self-confidence by speaking in front of their classmates.
  • Story time, Songs, and Finger plays: The children have an opportunity to learn new songs, develop memory skills and have fun with rhythms during this time.   
  • Coats on and closing circle: good-bye song, prayer and angel stamp, open the door to waiting parents and dismissal.
  1. Review Our Classes so that you know what you would like to register for.
  2. Have your payment information handy. We accept charge cards (for a small fee), 
  3. Click the 'register' button at the top of this page.

Click HERE for a pdf of our School Policies. 

Click on the following documents to download.

Daily Health Screen

Covid Exposure FAQ

2022-2023 Tuition Agreement and Schedule

HCPS 2021-2022 School Calendar Updt 10-1-21

Your child will need a backpack to carry papers, crafts, or Show & Tell items.   You should enclose a change of clothes for any accidents, and extra socks for the playcenter. 

Please make sure label everything with your child's name. 

Your teacher will contact you regarding snacks.

Tissues, wipes, and paper towels are helpful donations for the school. Please, no sanitizer or other donations are needed. 

Water bottles are not needed as the children get time for drinks.

Check your email and spam folder (the one you use for billing) from the month of January. 

If you still can't find in, email sherrytrerise@sharethehope.org She can resend it to you. 


Hope Christian Preschool is Led By:

Kellie Hudson

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Brand

Billing Specialist

Sherry Trerise