Grow: Next Generation Ministries

We use the phrase Next Generation as a designation for people who are younger than us – namely youth and children.  Unfortunately as adults we sometimes think that doing ministry is an adult thing, something you do when you are older, not a Next Generation thing, and nothing can be further from the truth. We are blessed at Hope to have our children and youth actively living out the 5G’s now and we must do all we can to encourage their next steps in our Next Generation Ministries.
Future trends research indicates that churches that fail to make significant investments in discipling the next generation, are the ones whose doors will soon be closing.  We as a church family must heed the call to actively engage and empower children and youth ministry with relevant resources in order to expand the reach of the Gospel in 21st century.  That includes more dollars, more space and focused leaders with a passion to see the Next Generation become devoted followers of Jesus Christ so they in turn can impact their world, and their own generation. Future results are a reflection of the choices we make today.
God has and continues to move us toward the next step. There are literally hundreds of volunteers who find their most meaningful place of service at Hope with our children and youth ministries: VBS, Kids of the Kingdom, FCWC, 4 and 5 Alive and more. God is using these volunteers in significant ways as they see young lives changed by Christ every day. When these ministries are aligned with the church’s overall vision, the Kingdom of God advances powerfully and not even the gates of hell can prevail against it!


A large percentage of the resources we seek to raise in our Walk by Faith Campaign will be allocated toward Next Generation ministries.  Pastor Greg and the team are looking at significant changes to the current space in order to facilitate more impactful ministry.  We have included a simple conceptual rendition of what it might look like.  This is only in the “dreaming” phase but we are praying that this environment will foster more community, a greater sense of belonging and allow for powerful and relevant investment into the lives of the youth the Lord brings to us.


Children’s ministry at Hope has always been one of our strengths.  Whether it’s Sunday morning ministry, VBS or Preschool, God has truly blessed us.  We want to build upon our strengths and significantly expand space so that we can reach more children and their families with the love of Christ as well as engage the unchurched community more effectively.  The investment we make into these lives today, will impact generations yet to come.

These are very early conceptual renditions of the dream space that we’d like to offer to the Next Generation.  There is much discussion and communication that still needs to take place, and no final decision will be made until after the campaign is complete but we wanted to share with you the vision.  That way we can already be on our knees seeking the Lord’s direction in how we can each take a next step of faith and ask God to continue to bless and use us.

We encourage you to take every advantage in the months to come to learn more about this exciting faith campaign adventure that God will use to help all of us grow as we walk more closely with Him.

“According to your faith it will be done to you” Matthew 9:29.

What an amazing statement from our Lord! O Lord, deepen our faith, expand our vision and use us up for your glory!

In His Service, wherever He leads,

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