Hungry for God’s Word

Aug 20, 2019


Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” Ps 119-105

Our brothers and sisters at the Kambona and Msema churches are always hungry for God’s Word. They listen intently, take a lot of notes and will sit for hours to learn what God has to say to them through His Word.

This is exactly what today consisted of at the Msema church. We began our study at 9:00 am and ended at 4:00 pm. Bill taught all morning and afternoon with a 1 hour lunch in between. The teachings in the morning focused on when we struggle with God through the difficult times, and the afternoon taught on salvation and also on mercy as an action. These teachings were all tied back to discipleship and on how to live them out in and through their Life Groups.

Once again, a meal was provided for the people who attended, which was a great blessing to them all. When they were asked after lunch, if it was good…they said they were very, very full. Praise God!

Msema church is very grateful for all that God has provided through Hope church, and they ask that Hope church continues to keep them in prayer.


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Bill Marsaw

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