Pastor Kirk Dueker


Pastor Kirk

I have truly been inundated by the blessings of God, which I don’t deserve, but for which I am truly grateful. I have known Jesus Christ as my Savior all of my life. My parents taught and exemplified Christ every day to me. I knew from Junior High the Lord’s call on my life to share the Gospel through pastoral ministry.

My vocational ministry led me through training at St. Louis Seminary, a call to Charleston, WV, then in 2007 to Hope as Associate Pastor and 2015 as Lead Pastor. My prayer and life motto is to know Christ and to make Him known.

I have been married to Jodi since 1991. She is my partner in life and ministry. We have been blessed with three children, Justin, Jonathan and Anna who are truly an inheritance from the Lord. I used to play all kinds of sports but now I just watch all kinds of sports and think I can play them better than the people I’m watching. Looking forward to riding the wave the Lord has in store for the ministry of Hope and sharing the Gospel with as many as possible so heaven will be more crowded!