Tips for Going Back to School 2018

After a long summer, getting back into the swing of things can be difficult for a lot of families. From summer camp to vacation time, these months can be a lot of fun and filled with relaxation. When the next school year rolls around, it can be challenging trying to get the whole family back on track. Here are some tips for starting this academic year on the right foot!

Get into a routine.

After the few months of summer, both kids and parents get into a different routine. As school starts up again, getting back into the school-day mindset is crucial. Plan out a time to leave the house by every morning, figure out when the kids will get back from school, plan a time to sit down and do homework, etc. Coming up with a plan ahead of time will help everyone adjust to a routine schedule, and keep you feeling in control and less stressed!

Create a distraction-free zone.

After you’ve blocked off time for your kids to sit down, study, and do their homework, think about creating an area in the house that is distraction-free for your kids to work at. A recent study found that it takes people an average of 25 minutes to return to what they were working on pre-interruption. Make sure your kids turn off or put away their phones for a bit to focus on their work, and make the space comfortable and calming for everyone.

school workStudy a little every day.

Studies show that reviewing material every day will decrease overall study time by 30 minutes, and students will retain more than 50% of the material. It is incredibly smart to help fuel this habit in your child’s routine! You can do this by joining your kids during their homework time, and encourage them to read to you or teach you the material they are reviewing. This way, you are showing interest in your child’s school work, and giving them a more engaging opportunity to review. After all, teaching others is another great way to retain and understand information!


Creating a routine at home is key to easing your children back into school. Having a routine with your children’sfaith is also very important. Learn more about our kid’s programs and how they can get involved throughout the school year.

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