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I read something that a retired general said to someone who asked him why a person should be soldier this is what he said, “If the sound of the national anthem and the sight of our flag blowing in the blue sky stirs something deep in you, then you ought to be a soldier. If you want to link arms with a group of like-minded patriots who feel the same way about our anthem, our flag, and our country, then you ought to be a soldier.

“If you like a challenge, if you like hard work, and think you’re tough enough to meet the standards of the battlefield, then you ought to be a soldier. If the thought that at the end of your life you can say that you served your country well, and if you need no other reward than that, then you ought to be a soldier.”

When I read that I thought “those are powerful words.” That ennobles the military. As I thought about those words and then considered the next three years and the Hope’s 2020 Vision, these words came to mind that I would ask you to prayerfully consider:

If seeing a sin-hardened lost soul caving into the love of Jesus Christ and the waters of baptism pouring over him with a whole new life, eternity awaiting him, if that picture stirs something deep inside of you, then you ought to be a part of Walk by Faith.

If the thought of moving casual Christians out of the bleachers of spectatorship and onto the playing field of difference-making for the sake of our Savior, if that brings a sweet sense of satisfaction to your soul, you ought to be a part of Walk by Faith.

If the thought of young people getting their hearts captured by the love of Christ and wanting to be unashamed followers of the God who redeemed them and holds them close, if that energizes you and brings joy to your heart then you ought to be a part of Walk by Faith.

If the knowledge that hundreds more people will move from spiritual stagnancy to spiritual vibrancy, from being non-worshipers to being God-worshipers with all their heart, from living life alone to finding deep community with brothers and sisters in a life-giving small group, if the vision of all that gets your heart beating faster than you ought to be a part of Walk by Faith.

If banding together as a church family and pooling our resources so that the hungry can be fed, and the hurting can be healed, and the hopeless can find hope in this world, if showing the compassion of Christ to others floods your life with meaning then you ought to join us for Walk by Faith.

And if, when you come to the end of your one and only life it is enough for you to hear Jesus Christ say to you, “Well done, Son, well done, Daughter. You gave your life to what I gave mine for — the Church,” then you ought to join us for Walk by Faith.

Please visit Hope2020Vision.com to find out even more or contact me today and we can pray about it together.

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