Find Peace Even in the Pain

The best evidence of God’s existence is a changed life and God continually changes us as we grow closer to Him. We can learn so much from each other when we share our stories.  Thanks so much Melissa, for sharing yours and giving us that we too, can find peace even in the pain.

It finally felt like I had made it, everything was going perfect. I was happily married, we had just bought our first home and I finally secured a full time teaching job. Then out of nowhere, my whole world felt like it flipped upside down. I got the an email from H.R. for a meeting. My heart sank, my whole body started to shake as I tried to hold back the tears from my students who were present in the room. After worrying for the next two weeks, my fears were confirmed. I was being let go at the end of the school year.

I tried to stay hopeful and remind myself that everything happens for a reason, that God had a bigger plan for me. I was so confident, I would land on my feet. I had so many interviews lined up, but one after one, they all came back as a “no” for one reason or another. I was worried sick, literally. I started to believe the lies that I wasn’t good enough; I was a failure.

After my 10th rejection, I was at my lowest low driving home. I screamed out to God asking him “why aren’t you doing anything!?” I felt so embarrassed and immediately felt regret for having lashed out so ungratefully, not thinking about all of the blessings I still had in my life. I had a roof over my head, the love of my husband and all of my family members were happy and healthy.

The next song that played on the radio after my outburst was “Every storm runs out of rain” and this incredible peace washed over me.  All the worry and pain faded and was gone within an instant. I took that as my sign from God to trust Him because He had me in His hands this entire time. He had never left my side. I put my faith back where it belonged, with Him and was able to find peace even in the pain. Within the next few weeks I had that call, a new district had finally chosen me. The nightmare of the past 6 months was finally over. This entire situation has brought me so much closer to God and reminded me that He was rebuilding me to be stronger than I was before. However, this couldn’t have happened without letting the break down happen first.

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