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Our Programs

Hope Christian Preschool

2 Year Olds

Hope Christian Preschool

2-day 3 Year Olds · Pull Ups

Hope Christian Preschool

3-day 3 Year Olds

Hope Christian Preschool

4 Year Olds · Pre K

Hope Christian Preschool

Fun Fridays

Hope Christian Preschool

Older 4s + Young 5s · Pre K

Hope Christian Preschool's Mission

Since its beginning in 1962, Hope Christian Preschool has been committed to serving the needs of the families in our community. Our academic curriculum meets the core competency guidelines for New York State Preschools. Our nurturing, professionally trained and experienced staff will gently encourage your child to explore learning while becoming independent with their own unique characteristics. Our Christian based curriculum teaches the children the most important message - Jesus loves them!

The Goals of Our Program are Three-Fold

One - We promise to provide a loving, Christ-centered environment in which children can grow socially and spiritually.
Two - We will provide a program rich in opportunities for creativity to foster the uniqueness of each child.
Three - We offer a stimulating but gentle approach to academics that will help to develop a love for learning, and a foundation for a very successful entrance into Kindergarten.

What is a Typical Session Like for My Child?

Each day is unique but includes the same basic elements. 

  • Child choice /centers: puzzles and toys, center activities,   (i.e. kitchen, dress-up, science, blocks, books, time for social   interaction and developing friendships.)  During this time the children learn about decision making and sharing as they play.  Teachers also take the opportunity to work with them, one on one or in small groups.                      
  • Circle time activities: opening song and prayer, calendar, helper chart, Bible story, learning concepts, and introduction to the craft.
  • Craft Time: Fine Motor skills and academic concepts are reinforced and new ones are practiced through the crafts and other creative activities.
  • Wash up and snack time: Snack time gives the children the opportunity to socialize and be responsible for themselves.
  • Active play: takes place in the Gym or outside on the playground where children use their large muscles.
  • Show & Tell/Letter of the week: Helps the children develop their language skills and self-confidence by speaking in front of their classmates.
  • Story time, Songs, and Fingerplays: The children have an opportunity to learn new songs, develop memory skills and have fun with rhythms during this time.   
  • Coats on and closing circle: good-bye song, prayer and angel stamp, open the door to waiting parents and dismissal.


Our Facilities

Our secure preschool department includes extra-large classrooms with private bathrooms and a full gym located right across the hall from the classrooms. The large gym is carpeted and set up for the preschool use daily. In nice weather the children can play on the outdoor fenced in playground.

Safety is Our Priority

All preschool staff have completed a background check and are CPR and first aid certified. All preschool doors are locked during preschool hours; visitors must enter through the main church entrance.

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