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Right now Kids' Sundays looks really different, but that's okay. God is everywhere - not just at church. He wants you to know that He loves you all the time!  To discover more about us, check out these resources:

    • HopeKidsRoc is our Facebook public page that you can follow for kid-friendly fun.
    • HopeKidsRoc Parents  is a Facebook private group you can join where you can safely connect with other families for good times and social interaction.

Questions? Becky Kilbride can help! Email her at beckykilbride@sharethehope.org

Hey Kids: SAFE fun is NOT cancelled this year!

FFF2020 with Mask Reminder
kids sundays project
Attention parents!  Kids' Sundays returns in person for ages 2 - 5th grade at the 9am service.
Check-in in front of the NEW Kids' Theatre starting at 8:45.
Moms and Dads - Weekly registration is required, and space is limited.  The link will be available each Sunday in this space, on facebook and will also be emailed. Be sure to also RSVP for Sunday Service on sharethehope.org

In October, Hope Kids will be AMAZED!




Family Time Resources


Praying with your kids and for your kids is so powerful.

Click here for a wonderful resource to get started.

After service, do you want to continue the discussion with your kids but don't know how to start?

  • What was your favorite part of church today?
  • What was the best song we sang?
  • Did anything pastor said stand out to you?
  • I learned ______________ today. It's wonderful how God is always teaching us new things.
  • Do you have any questions?
  • I have this question ______________. Let's find out the answer together.

Why do we do what we do in church?

Do you kids ask questions such as "Why do we sing? Why do we pray? Why do some people lift their hands when they sing?"  Good questions! Parents, we've got your backs. Here are the answers!


The Mission of Hope Church

Based on the GOSPEL - the foundation of the Good News of Jesus Christ we:
GATHER in worship · GROW in our love for God and people · GIVE in service · GO -sharing the hope of Jesus with a world in need of hope.

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Baptism establishes a relationship between God and His child. This is a relationship that needs to be nurtured. Through Baptism comes new life in Christ that is available to everyone, no matter what age.