Resurrection: ONE Event Changes Everything

Why did a brand new faith movement begin two thousand years ago that changed the course of human history? The answer is the literal, bodily resurrection from the dead of the person of Jesus Christ. Eyewitnesses saw Jesus crucified, dead and buried. Yet, on Easter morning the tomb was empty and Jesus appeared to women, His disciples and over 500 other eyewitnesses proving His resurrection from the dead. The disciples went all throughout the city that sought to destroy Jesus Christ, just a thousand paces from the tomb where Jesus had been laid, proclaiming He is risen! The political and religious leaders sought to silence them through imprisonment, threats, scourging, stonings and death. Nothing succeeded in silencing them. The apostle Peter declared, “For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.”

These ordinary disciples changed the world because Jesus’ changed them. They had boldness, power, peace, joy and fearlessness that they had not had until that first Easter. They knew that Jesus would always be with them even as He promised because if death can’t separate Jesus from them than nothing ever would. So they went out into the world with bold love, just as Jesus commanded them, and they shook the Roman Empire until it tottered and fell. They changed the world. This is the fact that no one who is intellectually honest can ignore.

And for the last 20 centuries there have been men and women all over the world who have experienced the same love and friendship, the same power, the same joy, the same radiant victory in their lives because of their belief in Jesus, their Savior and His resurrection. And you too, may have that friendship with the risen Lord, Jesus Christ. You will not believe the resurrection for yourself until the living Lord lives in your heart. But when you have in your own life that sense of His love, His closeness and His power, then you will know!

Your life right now can be guided by Christ. Your problems can be solved by His wisdom. Your weaknesses can be turned into strength by His help. Your struggles can become victories by His grace. Your grief can be turned to joy by His comfort. Your death can be turned to life by His resurrection.
This is the reality that can be yours because He lives. Because the resurrection is true, it is the most significant thing in our world today and the most significant thing for you. “Because I live, you shall live also” changes history, changes hearts, changes lives, changes eternity. I hope you have a wonderful Easter and if you are looking for a church to check out please join us.

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