Three Men in the Gap

Hope Church has been pouring its desire to reach out to the people of Greece into concrete action since spring. As the Kids’ Expansion/Center for Hope addition took shape, Pastor Kirk asked three men to tap into their years of experience in the construction industry to monitor and report on the project.

The Nesbitts have been at Hope 10 years. “This (church) is a breath of fresh air,” Jim Nesbitt said. He sees offering his experience for this project as a priority, and loves to say, “I’m building a church!”

“Some days it’s as simple as getting a case of water for the contractors,” he said.

But on other days it is not unusual for one of them to review blueprints with the site engineer to be sure all is proceeding according to plan. Did they tamp the dirt? Lay the right type of stone? If they see something questionable, they tell Al Szklany, Hope’s Director of Building and Grounds.

“We’re there to help Al. He can’t be out there every minute. We’re basically his assistants. If we see something questionable, we contact him,” Bill Rozinski, the second construction servant, said.

Four years ago, Bill and Bonnie decided to visit Hope’s Christmas Service since their grandson was enrolled in pre-K here. Bill said being at Hope has been life changing.

He arranges the workweek schedule so at least one of them is on site at all times. That could be problematic, but not with these men. They quickly developed a friendship that keeps each of them turning up, even when not scheduled to work. “Working with Jim and Ed (Alkiewicz), we get along, talk… a really good friendship, not just work”

When the Ed and Joan Alkiewicz relocated to Rochester, they came to Service at Hope one Sunday and never left.  An environmental scientist, Ed said he enjoys their camaraderie while he utilizes his background work with New York Power Company.  “Both Bill and I do progress reports, take photos…a record of what’s going on.”

All three are eager to see the Kids Expansion where the little ones will have more space to learn about Jesus, worship, and play while moms and dads enjoy cups of coffee.

The Center for Hope will offer support for individuals and families in Greece, from access to healthy food and medical care, to  job training and financial coaching.

For these three men, Hope’s addition will stand as a reminder of friendships forged the year they served the Lord in the gap.

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